Resident Feline Friends

Ariel - RIP April 3, 2016

Miss Ariel is our oldest Resident Feline here at Double Oak Veterinary Medical Center.  She came to us when her first family wanted to euthanize her due to treatable medical issues.  She had no hair on her back end and was suffering from some major allergy problems.  Our fantastic Dr. Brashear stepped up and saved her life and got her all fixed up.  Sadly to say, Ariel passed away on April 3, 2016.


You may have seen Pumpkin if you have liked our Facebook page because she is our mascot.  Pumpkin came to Double Oak originally named Misty.  She was abandoned by her first family during a boarding stay with us during the first fall of being open.  Dr. Wood instantly fell in love with her because she was striped like a pumpkin and reminded him of his favorite holiday, Halloween.  Because of the stripes he changed her name to Pumpkin.  She has overcome obesity and is now a trim hot kitty cat.  You can find her begging Dr. Wood for treats or supervising many of the staff members while they do their job.


Mr. Taos came to Double Oak as a tiny kitten.  As he was growing and becoming the handsome tom cat that he is, he enjoyed sitting on Dr. Wood's shoulder as he transcribed medical notes.  Taos is the big man around the hospital.  He can be found on a daily basis laying on top of the fridge in the pharmacy or basking in the sun in the front lobby.  He loves to be loved and to give love (as long as he gets his love first).

Scottie RIP 2/24/2017

Scottie had a long time battle with diabetes that was never full regulated, but it never seemed to get him down.  He loved to be loved and sleep in "diabetic tree" all day long.  His days here at Double Oak very long and full of happy memories.  We will always love our Scottie, the Original OG of Double Oak Veterinary Medical Center.


Valentine came to us the day after Valentine's Day 2016.  He was to put to sleep, but Dr. Wood wouldn't allow it.  We found out he was diabetic so he fit perfectly in with his older brother Scottie and his daily routine.  He now lives on his own in the diabetic tree, but we couldn't love him any less.  He gets pampered on the regular and purrs so loudly you can hear him across the room.  There isn't a day that goes by that Valentine isn't warming someone's heart.


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